Wednesday, 13 May 2015

52 weeks of millinery - Week 2

So on to my second week of my 52 week millinery project and this week I have created this blue felted button fascinator.
A couple of months ago I had a serious liberty fabric craving and  treated my self to  a few small pieces off ebay. The piece that I have used on this fascinator is called Strawberry Thief and was originally a print created in 1883 by William Morris.
I adore bird motifs and knew that I would be able to create something lovely from this fabric.
The hat block I used to create this piece is pretty much my favourite hat block at the moment , it's so simple yet versatile and it creates a style of hat which is really wearable.
Well I couldn't let Margo the Poupee have all the fun of modelling the hat so here is a picture of me modelling the end result too.
Sorry for the terrible selfie, I usually try to avoid taking them all costs but couldn't help myself on this occasion. I really think the best part about making a hat is when you get to try the end result on!
Overall I'm pleased with this piece, there are definitely design elements I would do differently and I would like to use a better background colour or texture on the felt. Well I've got 50 more weeks to experiment on so I'm sure designs will develop as time goes on. xx

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