Sunday, 1 February 2015

Re-Creating my workspace- Part 1


So for some time now I've been meaning to have a bit of a workspace revamp- it's always on my to do list but one of those things that I never get down to doing. So as we are now a month into the new year I decided that it was the about time I took the plunge and get on with having a look at my workspace and see how can  improve it..

I'd also been meaning to write about my workspace in ages and in recent times as you may have seen on my Instagram feed it's got the point where my workspace has actually been causing me a bit of bother.

This was the image I posted a few weeks before Christmas and lets be honest it's not exactly a sight for sore eyes.

I set up my workspace in it's current format when I started attending KCC college to study millinery, for ages it worked really well and I loved working in the space. However as time has gone on, my projects have grown bigger and my workspace has been getting more and more messy until now I can safely say that it has been in a state of messyness more often than its tidy

Also since switching from a full time day job to part time, in march last year, I have been spending a lot more time working at my desk and think that it's high time it gets a bit of remodelling as my needs have changed quite a bit since I set it up back in those college days.

So my first step has been to seek out some inspiration from other creative people's workspaces and use this as a starting point to think about what improvements I can make. Here are a few of my faves:

image source: via pinterest

I love the mix of inspiring objects, books and technology of this space and could really use some shelves like these above my desk to clear some more desk space.

image source:fabricpaperglue via pinterest
This is such a fab space saving idea, I love the way everything useful is close to hand and then the more visual items like the plant and clock are further up. Although I do wonder if I would remember to water the plants way up there, maybe I could use it to keep Cacti.

image source:
This is a great space, if only I had a whole  to use, but I love the full wall corkboard and the trolley used for holding books and materials and the ladder for hanging fabrics or prints to dry.

How I would love such a clutter free space, alas I know it will never happen, I am a clutter monkey by nature. I love the idea of having an all round colour scheme though. Also keeping a simple mood board on my desk, for the project I was working on at the time, would definitely be very helpful. Maybe having a really clear desk is something I can work towards as well.

If you want to check out more of my research hop on over to the pinterest board I've started to keep all my research in one place here.

My next step is to think about what I need from my workspace, what is working well from it at the moment and what is really causing me problems. Then come up with some ideas on how to change it- I keep you updated on how I get on. xxx