Monday, 7 October 2013

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rosetti- A picture post

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti source:
So I was having a browse through my inspiration folder today when I came to an article about  Pre-Raphaelite paintings, now I have always adored  Pre-Raphaelite paintings but hadn't come across this one before.  Today for some reason it really stood out  amongst the others in the article that I knew so well so I thought I would share it as a moment of inspiration  for everyone. 
I also wanted to share with you this really sweet mug I bought the other day. You know those impulse buys you have when think I really don't need this but I'm going to get it anyway, well this was one of them.
I know it sounds silly but I actually think this purchase has paid off over the last week ! I've had a pretty nasty cold  and the only thing that has really helped me keep at my desk sewing was drinking lots ( and I mean lots ) of hot drinks. I always think it tastes better  out of a  nice mug and this one really cheered me up!
So you probably now want to know what elixir I've been putting in this glorious mug well, it hasn't just been good old English breakfast ( although you can not beat it in the mornings!), my lovely friends bought me this scrummy tea back from a lovely little shop in Winchester. 
 Its called Winchester Sunday tea and it's a blend of Assam with vanilla, it is really lovely, it recommends that you have it with steamed milk, but as I haven't got a fancy coffee maker or milk steam I've just ben having it like normal tea with milk. I was surprised how nice the vanilla was without being too over powering. Definitely will have to get some more when this runs out, which could lead to a fabulous trip to Winchester which is indeed well over due.

Just also want  to point out that my Glorious mug does perfectly match the coasters I use in my work space making it the number one perfect mug to use whilst I'm working!
Any way I hope you have enjoyed my quick ramblings about tea, mugs and Pre-Raphaelites and have had a great start to your week! Jessie x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

What A Fabulous Film! - The Women (1939)- Director George Cukor, Costumes by Adrian

Quite some time ago I was recommended to watch The Women by a friend simply because she said it had some amzing hats in it. What she didn't tell me is how witty and charming it was.
It had been on my list of films to watch ever since but not knowing that I would enjoy it as a story as well as a visual treat it seemed to get a little further down the list, however on my most recent lazy day I decided that I would give it ago and I enjoyed it immensely, the costumes and hats brilliant and I actually really enjoyed it as a film too. there are a lot of brilliant lines in it and the scenes in the spa and on the ranch are some of my favourites.
Obviously A big draw of the film has to be the costumes, they are just beautiful and they capture each individuals character perfectly. I have to say Rosalind Russell's costumes really were my favourites, they complement Sylvia's character so well, and as an actress I think she carried the role beautifully. Her costumes are a mix of quirky sass and haughtiness.

I also really loved Mary Boland's costumes, in my opinion the Countess is such a fun loving character and her costumes are a big part of that and her Reno Ranch plaid shirt and pearls ensemble sums this up pretty well. 
 One part of the film which was quite unexpected ( you can tell I hadn't done my research on the film before I watched it) was the fashion show. I have a real love for films of this era which have a section made in Technicolor, I find it really magical, and in this film it really shows off  Adrian's  talents not only as costume designer but also as fashion designer of the time.
This brings me nicely on to the hats worn by the characters. Now I could write a whole series on my love for the hats in this film but to sum up by saying that my friend was right, the hats in the film are wonderful, I knew I have found an abundant source of inspiration  after the first 15 minutes of the film.

It reminded me that there was a time when it was normal for a women never to leave the house without a hat on and also reminded me of my recent lack of hat wearing!
So to seize this moment of inspiration, I have decided to attempt to recreate one of the hats worn in the film, now there are so many I could choose and as I type this I can hear myself suggest making two or 3 others  so you never know I may very well do that. But to start with at lest I have decided to pick this piece worn by Sylvia. I just love it for its playfulness but also its stature and form.
 I still haven't quite worked out exactly how I will interpret it but I know its going to be fun trying.
Any way I have written a lot more than I intended to so I will leave it there for now, I hope you have all had a great week and  enjoy the weekend. Jessie xxx