Monday, 10 December 2012

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

I wanted to do a post on the amazing flea market that I came across whilst on my adventures in Paris.
Both Me and Clare are avid bargain hunters and also love  seeking out vintage and antique finds so were keen to check out what  Paris could offer.We we so glad we did when we came across the vast  sprawling market complex that is Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

 Legend has it that this complex of no less than 14 separate markets first came about  approximately 200  years ago when street hawkers and rag and bone men started  selling their where outside  the city walls of Paris.

 It was developed in 1885 when the streets were paved and areas specially designated for market trading. Now holding over 2000 stalls it is one of the largest antique markets in the world. 

To be honest the outer stalls  are nothing to shout about and are very much like any town or city market across Europe selling  fake designer goods and copied dvd’s etc. But as we got further into the complex the curiosities and bricant stalls started to take my fancy  and I was left wishing I had a car to  take home all the treasures I came across.  

 Then came the real treat, further within the market   are the  antique haberdashery, fabric stalls and   vintage sellers and it was a good job i was on a strict budget because there was so many things that took my fancy. I am quite a shy market  shopper and am always a bit hesitant to ask the price of items  but  everyone seemed friendly and  a came away with a few treats to use in some upcoming projects.

I would defiantly recommend looking  Les Puces de Saint-Ouen up if you are ever lucky enough to be  in Paris, I think I probably saw about a third of the markets so it's worth dedicating at least a day to rummaging around if you can and also get there as early as you can as it does get busy in the afternoons.  I will certainly be going back to stock up  again, the amount of beautifully  fabrics and trims I found  make me think I could probably justify a  trip to Paris just  for that reason! 

If you are going to check it, out hear are a couple of good sites and posts that will give you more information about  the markets  - good sumary  of the market and a breakdown of the various areas - the official website of the markets - though i could only get this up in french today. lovely post with a really clear map of the different areas.

 I always find these sorts of places a great source of inspiration  as well as  a fab place to stock up supplies of one off fabrics and trims that you don’t come across on the high street. It has made me wonder how many places like these are  closer to home and am going to enjoy seeking them out and report back with any I come across. Xxx