Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hello again!!!

Two chic chaps in paris !!

 I've been absent off the blog for quite a while,  I'm very new to blogging  and so I'm still trying to find my feet and work out what I want it to be about.

      Fear not though I haven't been idle, my sewing machine is still whirring and I have got my teeth stuck into a good few projects.

 Also I had a wonderful and inspiring trip to Paris with millinery friend Clare
 My lovely freind  Clare looking glam

  It was great to explore the  less touristy parts of paris and  stumble upon  a couple of amazing places for fabric and supplies which I intend to  blog about  very soon because trust me I was in danger of spending a serious amount of money.

Me, not  looking quite so composed as Clare !

       I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of the pieces I have been working on.
   This is a hat that I originally blocked about this time last year and had been sitting naked and untrimmed on my bookshelf gathering dust 

I needed a new hat for winter so I used some of the silk flowers I made practicing new techniques and some left over  fabric  from a previous project to finish it off  lined and everything.

The silk flowers themselves are another project I have been working on recently.  I was given a lovely Edwardian  millinery book for  my birthday this year and it has a huge section on how to make silk  and ribbon flowers , so over the last couple of months I’ve started working my way through them picking out the flowers that take my  fancy and  temporally  decorating Margo my poupee with them until they  eventually find a home on a hat.

    Here she is sporting a couple of my more recent creations I think she has a slight Freda Kahlo  feel to her.